What is Streetics?

Streetics is an online platform for evaluating the streets in major cities around the world. It relies on 12 parameters related to the quality of life in a city to calculate the StreetRank score, the street qualitative indicator.

The parameters are Centrality, Parking, Green Areas, Commerce, Services, Transport, Average Life Expectancy, Safe Exercise, Seismic Risk, Flood Risk, Council Tax and Surroundings.

How each parameter is rated?

In short: Centrality” is rated proportionally to the distance to a central location in the city. “Parking”, “Safety Exercise” and “Surroundings” are classified by the perceived quality at the place. “Green areas”, “Commerce”, “Services” and “Transport” are classified by data collection at each place. “Average Life Expectancy” is calculated using data from the INE (Portugal) or the UN. “Seismic Risk” and “Flood Risk” data are obtained through the National Authority for Civil Protection. The “Council Tax” is obtained from government oficial publications.

For further details, please read the How It Works section.

Which cities are currently in Streetics?

We privilege quality instead of quantity. Therefore, we are planning for a progressive and sustained expansion as we improve our platform. We decided to start with the city of Lisbon and we are now on our way to the remaining cities of Portugal. Afterwards, the world!

Meanwhile, we have opened Streetics crowdranking to all the main cities of Portugal, London and Madrid. If you are interested in becoming a Master Streetic in one of these cities please let us know.

I cannot find a specific street?

If a street isn’t classified you can suggest it by email to contactus@streetics.com.

Is Streetics really FREE?

Yes, it is free. However, we want to improve and further develop the Streetics platform, so we are planning to offer Premium Services to cover our expenses.

How can I become a streetic?

You just need to signup to become a streetic. If, on the other hand, you want to join the Streetics Team, just send us an email contactus@streetics.com. We are always looking for motivated people!

What is the influence of the CrowdRank in the StreetRank?

The CrowdRank helps us assess the quality of some of the parameters for a particular street. Within specific limits, the StreetRank parameters are adjusted to reflect the opinion of our streetics.

If I don’t agree with the StreetRank value or with a parameter’s value, how can I send my opinion to you?

First, do your own rating through the Streetic option in the street profile. We monitor our ratings closely and yours will be taken into consideration. If you wish, you can always express your opinion by email to contactus@streetics.com.

What is the "Follow" button?

You will be notified about the events that are related to the streets that you follow.

What is a Master Streetic?

Streetics StreetRank is conducted by a local team in each city. These are our Master Streetics, a group of people that ensure that our ratings are up to date and of high quality.

What is the Streetics reputation score?

The reputation score is a way of rewarding our streetics for contributing with accurate and honest ranking.

These are the points for a streetic rating:

  • 3 points on a newly added street;
  • 2 points on a street with less than 10 ratings;
  • 1 point on a street with more than 10 ratings.

What are the Streetics badges?

We reward our streetics with badges to show how their increased involvement in the community is very special to us.

These are the badges we currently award:

  • Follower - First street follow;
  • Street Aware - After 10 follows;
  • Tracker - After 50 follows;
  • Streetic - First CrowdRank;
  • Streetic Plus - After 10 CrowdRanks;
  • Street Specialist - After 50 CrowdRanks;
  • Streetic Master - After 100 CrowdRanks;
  • Bug Tracker - Reported a bug;
  • Spellchecker - Reported a spelling mistake.