The Streetics team assigns a rating (between 0 and 20) to 12 key criteria generally considered fundamental for quality of life. It then calculates the average score which will become the street’s qualitative indicator (StreetRank).

Furthermore, some parameters may be classified by streetics (users) and that classification (CrowdRank) will be taken into consideration for the final score.

Since each person has a different opinion about which parameters matter the most, you should focus the analysis on the parameters that are most important to you. The StreetRank score is influenced by all parameters, even by the ones you consider least relevant.

If, for example, parking and commerce are not important factors to you, and instead you enjoy the green spaces and environment, you should seek the streets with the highest score in these parameters.

Parameters Definition


In each city we define a central zone that will achieve 20 points. From this zone we outline concentric zones, which, as the distance increases, get a lower score.


Parking a car can be a "daily headache". This is why we considered the availability of parking spaces as one of the parameters. If it is paramount to you not spending "an hour" at the end of the day looking for a parking place, then you should seek the best streets to park.

The scoring table of this parameter is:

Not possible : 0 points Hard to find : 5 points Difficult only by day or night : 10 points Easy parking : 15 points Always available : 20 points.

Green areas

The growing importance of green areas for the urban population directly influences the value of the nearby streets.

The scoring table of this parameter is:

Several parks and gardens : 20 points Park and garden in zone : 15 points Park or garden in zone : 10 points Trees on street : 5 points No green areas : 0 points


The scoring table of this parameter is:

All sectors represented : 20 points Few sectors missing : 15 points Some sectors missing : 10 points Many sectors missing : 5 points Not available : 0 points


The scoring table of this parameter is:

All sectors represented : 20 points Few sectors missing : 15 points Some sectors missing : 10 points Many sectors missing : 5 points Not available : 0 points


Today the means of transports are fundamental for millions of people around the world. Therefore, this parameter evaluates the availability of the transport for local and international access.

We defined the following scoring intervals :

Access to Subway/Bus (tram)/Boat/Train//Plane : 20 points 4 of the previous : 16 points 3 of the previous : 12 points 2 of the previous : 8 points 1 of the previous : 4 points None : 0 points

Average Life Expectancy

The place where we inhabit influences the number of years we live. Within the same country it can be different from region to region and even from locality to locality.

This parameter’s interval ranges from <45 years (under 45) to >80 years (over 80), with a score of 0 points and 20 points, respectively.

Safe Exercise

Increasingly people are looking for spaces where they can exercise safely and pleasantly. The places where this is possible are highly rated.

The allocation table of points in this parameter is as follows:

Suitable area : 20 points Pleasant area : 15 points Possible with precaution : 10 points Complicated : 5 points Impossible : 0 points

Seismic Risk

The seismic risk is a reality in many cities, sometimes forgotten. We believe it is important to understand the risk level of a particular zone, since it varies, even within the same city.

This parameter varies from <6 (below 6) to> 10 (above 10). The scoring table is:

<6 : 15 points 7 : 10 points 8 : 5 points 9 : 3 points 10 : 2 points > 10 : 1 point

Flood Risk

The risk of flooding is often overlooked, especially when this phenomenon does not occur for several years.

The scoring table of this parameter is:

Strong risk : 0 points Medium risk : 5 points Low risk : 10 points No risk : 20 points

Council Tax

The council tax is determined by government and has fiscal objectives. The higher this ratio, the higher the tax payable. Even for those who live in rented property, the tax may have indirect impact on the rental price.

We convert the council tax by giving 20 points to the lowest value and 6 points (minimum) to the highest possible value.


The surroundings of a street or area is one of the factors that influence the most the decision to live in a place. It is also a vital factor when calculating the price of a property.

The scoring table of this parameter is:

Excelent : 20 points Very pleasant : 15 points Pleasant : 10 points Unpleasant : 5 points Bad : 0 points