We currently provide the following services.


Is a Free service that enables any site to show the StreetRank score of a street or nearby area.

This service is fully customizable and has an easy integration procedure.

Possible usage scenarios:

  • Display the StreetRank score next to an address;
  • Display the StreetRank badge;
  • Display a selected group of parameters;
  • Display the surrounding area average ranking.

The StreetRank@YourSite is great to complement the information you already display and can be decisive when your users have to make a decision.

Technically, we provide a JavaScript integration code on top of a REST API.

Please read the API section for more details.


Is a Premium service that enables to showcase your business in Streetics within a geographical area.

Possible usage scenarios:

  • Display a billboard in a specific street;
  • Advertise to potential customers within a specific geographical area;
  • Promote your business city wide.

We are now defining the commercial details of this service. We are planning a special discount rate for our first customers. This is a limited offer, so please contact us as soon as possible (contactus@streetics.com).